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Help! Pinto Fic

Ok so I've had a serious case of writer's block (I guess that's better than artist's block since I only consider myself a novice writer) but I have written a few things lately. I write in fragments, meaning I'll see the image of a scene (I see my stories in my head like a movie. I'm a visual person) with dialogue and characters and action sequences and the like, and when I get that I write it down as I see it cause I'll forget it if I don't.

Anyway I've wanted to do a Pinto fic since I got into the fandom and finally came up with a good idea...but I could only "see" three scenes that aren't connected; an intro/beginning scene, the conflict/quarrel scene, and the makeup scene (right before the shmexin...bow chicka bow bow). What I need are two scenes to connect the first two scenes I've written, and then an ending scene, preferably involving the buttsex (yeah yeah, I'm a perv...). I need someone's gracious assistance in helping me connect the scenes so I can finish it. I'd ask Dani, whose writing abilities I envy greatly, but I know she's not into the fandom. And I already posted this plea over at pinto_fic and have yet to receive an answer, so I figure I'm most likely not gunna be getting one lol, so I thought I'd try here. I don't even know if anyone watches me anymore. I might just be talking to myself....but that wouldn't be new.

Inspired by this interview:

They headed through the hotel lobby together, entourage of personal assistants and the like in tail.
“You’re interview’s on the third floor, first door to the left. The concierge will help you out.” Chris’ assistant Stephanie informed the pair.
“Last one for the day, right Steph?” Chris interjected.
“Yes. Then you guys have the rest of the day to yourselves.” she remarked, emphasising the last word with more force and a wink. Zach and Chris were lucky to have her around to help, at least she knew about them and they didn’t have to tip-toe around everything and be on high alert whenever she was around. Still, Chris swatted Zach’s hand away when he grabbed it during their ride in the elevator.
“Dude you know we can’t here.”
“Not even when we’re alone in an elevator for five seconds?” whined the brunette.
Zach huffed and crossed his arms pointedly. Chris sighed after a few minutes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. It softened him up a bit, but Chris could tell he was still a bit miffed at the whole situation. “Later. I promise.”
“Yeah yeah, I know.” Zach walked out as soon as the doors opened on the third floor, not even waiting for Chris. He could practically feel his shoulder frost over.

“I just realized we’re wearing basically the same thing.” Chris discerned.
“So much for subtly, huh.”
The two of them giggled while also discussing the possibility of accidentally wearing each other’s underwear while walking through the hall to the room they were to be interviewed in. “I doubt anyone will notice.”
“Right in here, guys.” directed the suited bellhop, or whoever he was. Neither bothered to ask.
“Thanks.” they said in unison.
Entering the room they got a glimpse of the set up. Typical interview setting; lights, chairs, makeup people, lighting people, camera, and of course the interviewer. Fuck me sideways thought Zach as he caught sight of the lovely yet audibly annoying Terri Seymour, knowing Chris had a bit of a schoolboy crush on her. While the man was still struggling with the recent epiphany about his sexual identity, it was bound to happen. Though Zach would always be perplexed by it, considering his frequent exultant visits to said brunette’s nether regions. And even with Chris’ constant reassurance of his massive physical and otherwise attractions to him, Zach still always felt a pang of jealousy whenever the subject of a pretty girl arose. Which is why, though he liked the girl very much and was grateful for all her help, Zach would always have a small, insecure grudge against the pretty blonde assistant. Damn his boyfriend’s good looks and animal magnetism. Every girl was attracted to him, it was virtually unavoidable. And who could blame them really?
“Could we be sitting any closer?” remarked Zach sarcastically. Oh it was definitely going to be a long day in the dog house for poor Chris. They scooted over and Terri started right in with the wardrobe match. They laughed it off cheekily, as they did whenever a topic of their obvious closeness might be reflecting on a hidden agenda. They wanted to keep the relationship under wraps until they were ready to reveal it, but they couldn’t help messing with the media every chance they got. It was just too easy.
The humorous back and forth banter got on as usual as Terri was wrapped up in their hilarious tour stories and just the general intimate rapport they shared with one another, on and off camera. But Chris couldn’t help flirting incessantly with her. Normally Zach was used to Chris doing this kind of thing, after all it’s one of the things that won him over in the first place. His incredible allure of charisma, humour, intelligence, and of course the skill to get into Zach’s pants so damn easily, but this was just bordering on obstinate. It finally built to Chris actually blurting out how beautiful Terri was, something he had never said to Zach. That cut him pretty deep. Deeper than it should. Deeper than Zach’s resolve should’ve let it, but hey, he was in love. Chris occasionally threw a few graceful comments Zach’s way, but that particularly damaging one stuck in his mind and wouldn’t let go for the rest of the interview.


“I thought it was my turn now.” cooed Chris into Zach’s ear as he scooted closer on the couch.
“Not now.” Zach snuffed his head away from Chris’ actions.
Chris’ eyebrows knitted together briefly, trying to discern what was wrong with his boyfriend. “You said ‘Later’” he tried again, “It’s later” he whispered right into Zach’s ear.
“Knock it off! I said not now alright?” Zach profusely turned his head to look out the loft window.
Chris sat back with first a confused, then hurt, then angry expression. He decided to dance around possible scenarios for why Zach was acting this way, but instead just went straight to the most plausible answer; “Okay, what did I do now?”
“You know exactly what you did.” Zach snapped back. Chris honestly couldn’t think of anything he’d done so horribly wrong in the last ten hours that would get Zach this upset. Zach could see the cogs turning as the blonde searched his mind. He sighed, “You and Terri.” Nothing. “The interviewer.” Still nothing. He sighed exasperatedly. “The beautiful interviewer. Ring a bell, Pine?” Zach spat with a voice mixed with hurt and anger, but mostly hurt.
Chris sat back on his haunches on the couch and sighed as he ran his hand down his face. “Zach, I…I just said that out of….look that doesn’t mean I like her or…I don’t want….you, or-”
“Just stop, Chris. I really just don’t wanna hear or talk anymore right now.” He crossed his arms and legs and sat so sadly and forlorn with his head leaning towards the ground all Chris wanted to do was scoop him up and kiss him a million times and tell him how gorgeous and talented and smart and amazing he was, but he just sat there, looking at him, in silence.
“Well, what do you want me to do…or say…?”
After a few beats Zach responded. “Just go.” It was so soft and broken Chris could hardly hear it, and it tore at his heart. Was Zach breaking up with him right now? Was this how guys do it? No screaming or crying or throwing shoes and boxes of knick-knacks and keys and love notes like all his break ups before? Zach turned toward Chris as he slowly got off the couch to fetch his shoes and sweater, and it was almost as if he could hear the blonde’s crazy mind ramblings. “Chris.”
Chris turned around so fast with this expectant puppy dog look, and it tore at Zach’s heart. “Look I’m not…I still wanna…see you, I just…*sigh*…need some time. Okay?” He smiled a bit, and Chris just nodded.
“Can I…call you…sometime?” he asked hopefully. Zach nodded, and smiled some more. Chris turned and closed the door behind him. As soon as Zach heard that door click shut, the tears fell down his cheeks. He started thinking, had he just thrown the new love of his life out over something stupid? Was he being obtuse and petty and was all this trivial and paltry and a myriad of other ten letter words he knew only Chris would understand; and more tears fell. He heard the patter of Noah coming in from the bedroom, obviously knowing something was up with his daddies. He licked Zach’s face and whimpered, trying to help, and knowing something was wrong. He looked back and forth to where Chris was just sitting ten minutes before, nuzzled in the couch with him. Then he patted over to the door, looked up, whined, and then looked behind him back at Zach. “I know buddy, I know.”

Chris got in the car and it took him a full five minutes to start it, and as soon as he did, their song came on. Chris shut the radio off immediately and put his head in his hands as the same tears shared inside the loft came streaming down his cheeks as well, but no one was there to lick those ones away. He finally drove off, hoping maybe tomorrow would be better.


Zach for the life of him couldn’t open his door. It was if something had been stuck in the lock. He put his ear to the door and heard a lot of rustling and moving, and someone talking to themselves. Burglars? He tried looking through the crack of the door and the peep hole and there seemed to be a lot of red in there. Oh God was his loft on fire? No, the door was room temperature. Well, he thought the only other option was house raiding bandits. “I have pepper spray!” he semi yelled with a cracked voice. Nothing. “And uh….a knife!…A big one!” Some more rustling. “I’m also a police officer!” Why the hell would you say that? He could hear some sniggering from inside and was about to get out his phone to call the actual police when whatever was plugging his lock was swiftly pulled away and the door was unlocked.
Zach pushed the door open with caution and could not believe what he saw. Red velvet curtains hung over his windows. Plush heart shaped pillows on his couch complete with a giant brand new plush red kiss chair. There were red velvet table cloths, with champagne, glasses, chocolates, fruit, chocolate covered fruit, and of course roses. Zach couldn’t believe his eyes, no one had ever done anything like this for him before. His mouth completely gaped when he saw the main attraction; his boyfriend leaning against the wall in red tight short shorts with the words “boy toy” bedazzled on the front and back. Zach’s mouth began to water at just the sight, looking at him up and down with a smile from ear to ear.
“Oh please don’t shank me Mr. Police man.” Chris took the rose out of his mouth to quip.
Zach started laughing. “Dude I was scared! I just heard noises and I thought you were a burglar or something, I had to say something…that just came out.”
“And you never thought it was me?” Chris said with a smile.
Zach looked down. “Well I, I thought maybe you didn’t-” Chris shushed him right there as he put his finger to his lips.
Chris looked deep into Zach’s eyes, “I want you, and I always will.” Zach leaned down to kiss him, but before things got too heavy Chris broke away. “Mmm wait wait.” He ran over to the table to pick up one of the many converters Zach had and, standing toward him, pointed it over his shoulder seductively and pushed play. Immediately “You’re Beautiful” started playing on the stereo.
“Oh my God.” Zach put his face in his hands. “Chris, seriously.”
The blonde started dancing a bit, “Come on, yeah!” swaying his hips, which were quite entrancing to Zach. “Yeah I’m your sexy boy toy burglar tonight baby.”
Zach, trying to suppress his giggling, stepped down to the living room area where Chris was “dancing”. “Chris just stop.”
“Come on dance with me.” He pulled Zach’s arms up and put them around his shoulders and his own on Zach’s waist. They started swaying together.
“Why do you get to lead?” Zach asked teasingly after a few minutes.
Chris sighed. “Alright.” and switched the position of their arms. Zach laughed. Chris smiled.
“You didn’t have to do all this you know.” Zach giggled.
Chris did that deep, dark blue eye stare he only saved for Zach when he wanted to be serious. “Yes I did, because I don’t wanna lose you.”
“Chris, you’re not gunna-”
Chris shushed him again and turned down the music. “You have to know how much you mean to me. And I know all this,” he gestured towards the heart pillows and his underwear, “is a little silly but…I just wanted to tell you. You are so beautiful. And I love you. And I only realized that no one’s ever said that to you before. So, I wanted tonight to be special, for me. Because I got to be the first.” He finished with this loving smile.
Zach’s eyes widened and his bushy eyebrows raised through Chris’ speech. No one had ever said it to him before. And to know Chris’ sincerity; Zach knew in an instant he was his, for good.
They laid they foreheads together as Zach’s eyes welled up a bit with the sentiment. “I love you,” he whispered.
Chris put his hands on Zach’s head and raised it up, wiping away the fragmented tears and smiling; he kissed him. “I love you, too.”


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May. 4th, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)
hey, I just read this story after following the art link for your nekked boys in the hallway pic -- mm, yummy!! -- and I see above you wanted to add stuff to this?

If you have more that wants to be in the story then go for it, but if it is just that you think this is not good in itself, please allow me to disabuse you of this idea!! the time flow is episodic but it works as a story quite nicely; all the required bits seem to be present and I had no trouble understanding what was happening...

so, yeah. :) *off to see if you have moar Pinto art up in here. and wondering if the yaoi gallery lets outsiders look, or not...
May. 4th, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)
oh and if ye do want to add moar, gimme a holler! I'm mostly a K/S writer but have a horrible Pinto habit these days and would love to help... :)
Jun. 3rd, 2011 11:34 pm (UTC)
Hey thanx for taking a look at my stuff! Sorry it took so long to message you back lol, I haven't been drawing a lot lately. Well I'm glad you think the story's alright as it is, I just thought it seemed kinda choppy and not really as cohesive as I wanted it to be. I wanted a little bit more of an intro into the second part, like maybe them getting home more about Zach's thoughts about how Chris has never said anything like "you're beautiful" to him and how much it hurts. I just felt like there isn't enough insight into the whole conflict so it makes Zach's anger and the tenseness kind of weird and out of place. I also wanted a realization from Chris about the real reason why Zach's so upset (that none of his previous boyfriends have told him he's beautiful before either and he really wants to hear it from Chris) and then maybe a possible shopping excursion buying all that crap to surprise Zach with lol. And then of course a hot and fluffy ending XD. I would love love LOVE your help and would do a very nice drawing for you in return!

And in answer to your question, I think most of my stuff on y!gallery you'd be able to see. The only things you couldn't would be anything under a filter and then you'd have to make an account in order to see those. And I'm off to go check out your writings :)
Jun. 12th, 2011 09:39 am (UTC)
w00t! don't worry about being slow, I'm always forgetting that lj does this message-tracking thing and then I remember and feel like a rude arsehole -- but mostly I'm just senile, heh heh...

this sounds like it will be fun to play with! and draw me something,. woo, yeah! so anyways, um, I'll see if I can find the yaoi link, or post it again? and we'll work on the story, too.
Jun. 14th, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC)
Yaay! Thank you sooo much XD I'm so excited. What would you like me to draw for you? And here's the link to my y!gallery account http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/falloutpunk/
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